Model-specific Information

Since my return to the States in Feb. 2004, it has been difficult to keep the information regarding specific models up-to-date. I have had tremendous amount of fun putting together the site and thank my readers for all the support and comments. I have decided to retire the model-specific content from the site. I know this seems lame, but I do not want to offer an inferior service to my readers. But wait! I am not going away! The site still contains all the useful ingformation on choosing an electronic dictionary.

The information on tutorials and dictionary features is still available
Dictionary features

(from reader Neil)
I have owned 3 models, PW-A3000, PW-A3300, and now a PW-9500. The A3000 was by far the best because the kanji search function was for 1st and 2nd position, and the kanji was very large with furigana. A3300 reverted to furigana first with kanji next and was clearly for Japanese users, not American, and my current 9500 is similar to A3000 (thank goodness), but not as large as A3000 were (A3000 gave 6 kanji, all very large, whereas they're smaller but with Furigana as well for 9500).