Purchasing Electronic Dictionaries

Enough already! Which one should I buy?!

Lately I have been getting emails from readers that have read my site and then ask "which one should I buy?". I really can't tell you which dictionary is best. I realize that there are a lot of models out there and there is a lot of information here on this site. My intent was to give people the info they need to make an educated decision for themselves. Your needs are specific. Read the areas of this site that apply to you, consider the prices, get as much info as you can. If you can try out the dictionary first, great. When all is said and done, when you choose the dictionary yourself you will be happy with your purchase. Good luck!


If you are going to be in Japan, get your dictionary in Japan. It will be much cheaper! If you will be in Tokyo go to Akihabara. You can try all the latest models from all the manufactures and decide which is better for your needs. If you are a tourist, you can avoid paying the 5% Japanese sales tax if you buy in a Duty Free shop. If you will not be coming to Japan you may be able to try some of these models in person at Kinokuniya in New York, NY or Los Angeles, CA. But I would call first to see what they have. For purchasing, your best bet is to search the internet. There are currently a number of online stores selling various models. Make sure you specify you want an English manual (if available) when purchasing.