Irasshai! My name is Mark and I am an American that lived in Kofu for over 3 years. I worked for a large Japanese semiconductor company as an Engineer. My first trip to Japan was a business trip in 1995. Since then I have traveled to Japan on business occasionally and lived in Saitama for 3 months. I came to Yamanashi to live in June of 2000. When I first came to Kofu on a two-week business trip I didn't know the area. I had received a few instructions from coworkers on how to get to Kofu from Narita.

Over time I got to know Kofu well and getting to know the area and characters was most of the fun. But the one or two-week visitor like many of my former coworkers on business trips don't have a lot of free time for trial and error. My guide to this area was originally just a few notes in a file on my laptop I put together for coworkers visiting Japan for the first time. Although the site has grown, the purpose is still basically the same. It is aimed at introducing the short-term visitor or new resident to some fun things to do in Kofu, Yamanashi, and the surrounding area. Once you get acquainted and send me an email and let me know some of the fun places you found!

I returned to the States Feb. 2004. I made a lot of great friends in Kofu and I miss them and I miss Kofu a bunch. I hold some very fond memories of Japan and I hope to return as often as possible in my future. I hope you find something useful on this site. If you do, please let me know by rating this site or by sending me an email. Thanks and good luck with your Japan adventures whether they be in Kofu, somewhere else in Japan or just on the Internet!