Hinata in Hakushu

This is a great hike and highly recommended. The recommendation is for the awesome view at the top! The hike itself is not difficult and the peak can be reached in 1 or 2 hours from the trail head. The peak is at 1660 meters and the entire trail is under the cover of trees. The forest floor is made up of soft dirt and pine needles. The actual peak also covered in trees. There is a small sign that reads "sankakuten" (diamond point) and a small trail that heads off to the right for about 40 meters. Here there is a peak marker and a sign. If you continue on the main trail for 2 minutes from the peak, the forest opens up to the mountain side which is covered in granite. At first view the white sand-looking floor almost makes it seem like a beach. There is plenty of room for sitting and eating while enjoying the view.

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The forest opens up to the mountain side

Dead and living trees makes for some interesting views

View from the peak

Directions to the trail head: Take Route 20 from Kofu towards Nagano. Once you enter Hakushu, make a left turn at the first pedestrial overpass in Hakushu. Continue straight on this road. The road will become a forest road. A road winding through the forest too narrow for two cars in some places. You will reach the trail head sign which will be on the right. There may be some cars parked along the side on the road also. There is no parking lot so park along the side of the road.