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Hikers march alone the trail raised about the forest floor

The Kamikochi area is a good area for the hiker not interested in a strenuous mountain hike. But because the hiking is flat, beware, it can get quite crowded especially on weekends and holiday when the weather is nice. From the parking lot it is a short walk to Copper bridge. Cross the bridge and there are lots of small restaurants and shops selling boxed lunches and souvenirs. This is a nice area to grab a bento (boxed lunch) and sit on the bank of the river while eating.


After an hour into the hike it began raining something fierce. People rushed the small souvenir/restaurant to take cover or buy a poncho. Once the rain had slowed to a light drizzle, I took the following photos. The rain had added an eerie quality to the photos. The trail crosses many small streams on the way to the lake.

We reached the Lake at the end of the trail, I took this photoand we started on the return trip


The trip to Kamikochi was about 2-3 hours total from Kofu by train. From Kofu take the express to Matsumoto station. At Matsumoto purchase a train/bus ticket to Kamikochi. Boarded the train to Shinshimoshimo station where and transfer to the bus to Kamikochi. Kamikochi has a few different trail systems from the parking lot. The one we hiked was about 4 hours to the lake and back. The parking lot was jammed packed full of tour buses spewing out hundreds of hikers.