This is not a difficult hike and although there are mountain huts near the peak, this can be done as a day trip. The summit of Mitsutogeyama is said to be one of the few famous spots for a spectacular view of Fujisan.

The Hike


The hike starts by crossing a small bridge and 1 minute hike to the Daruma Rock which gets its name from fact that it is shaped like a Daruma Doll.


We passed an area with dozens of spider webs.


The initial purpose of the trip was to get a good photo of Fujisan. From this weather is was doubtful I would get a good shot.


This little frog did his best to camouflage himself from me and my camera.


88 little stone buddhas dressed in red aprons. I didn't stop to count them all, but I was told 6 were missing. If you stumbled upon this area unexpectedly at night I bet it would give a good "Blair Witch" chill down your spine. We offered our 5 yen coins to the buddhas for a safe journey and move on toward our destination.


About half way to our destination.


This is one of the few rock climbing spots I know about. From the parking area it is about a 2.5 hour climb to this spot. Fortunately, there are a couple mountain huts close by to allow for a nice 2-day rock climbing trip. We continued to the summit at 1785 meters where nothing especially Fujisan could be seen through the clouds. We took a short break and then returned the same way we came. On the return trip we stopped at Yurari Onsen.

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