Ski & Snowboard

All the places I have been snowboarding are about the same price. About 4000 yen for a 1 day lift ticket, and 3000 - 6000 for rentals. I have even rented ski wear before I brought mine from home. However, I did not rent this at the slopes. But there are usually small rental shops on the roads leading to the slopes. These shops rent skis, boards, and sometimes ski wear. So there is no reason not to hit the slopes while in Japan!

The Ski Parks

Chautoraise (was Sailer Valley), Nagano

Three chair lifts, one leading to the expert mogul run, and the other two leading to beginner and intermediate runs. Never been very crowded the times I have gone always on the weekend which makes this a good choice if you find a run that you like. There are a few jumps, a rail for grinding, and a small slalom run. About 1 hour from Kofu by car. For the 2003 season I found a 1000 yen off 1 day lift ticket coupon in Say, Say, Say magazine. You make a copy of the page and still get the discount so check out at the library. 1/2 day lift tickets are around 3500 yen. Rentals are about 3500 yen for skis and 4500 yen for snow boards.


Take 141 from Nirasaki. About 5 minutes after entering Nagano you will see a red, green, and black tall "ramen" sign. There will also be a ski rental shop at this 'Y' in the road. Turn right here. Turn right at the end of the road. BTW, the train station in front of you is the highest in Japan. Go over the tracks and make an immediate left. Continue to follow the signs to the parking lot. Takes about 1 hour from Kofu.

Phone: 0267-91-1001

Koumi Reex, Nagano

Five chair lifts serving beginner and intermediate courses.


Takes about 1.5 hours from Kofu. Take 141 from Nirasaki. According to the map I have, it is 11 traffic signals from the Sutama IC (1 IC from Nirasaki). If you reach Route 299, you have gone 1 traffic signal too far. From 141 turn left and the road to the Ski Resort parking lot is on the right.

Phone: 0267-93-2537

Gorin Kogen, Nagano

One 4-person gondola and one 2-person chair lift serving only a handful of beginner and intermediate courses. As the season comes to an end in Yamanashi many of us stretch it out by making trips to Northern Nagano and Niigata. The snow we had this weekend in March 2003 was the best snow I have boarded on in Japan to date. This combined with the fact that the slopes were void of other people, although not a good thing for the resort, made for a great day of boarding! After lunch the skies opened up and snow poured out. The conditions completely changed; 2 hours later we were boarding on powder. We paid 3900 yen for full day lift tickets which included a Curry rice lunch.


Somewhere in Nagano. I didn't drive so I have no idea how to get there again.

Phone: 026-933-4141