Gunma Prefecture, Japan

Kusatsu Onsen

Kusatsu onsen

Kusatsu onsen is a ryokan/onsen town in Gunma famous for its natural hot springs. In the center of town there is an array of wooden boxes through which the hot springs flows from the source. These are used to collect the yunohana or "water flowers" which are the small white flakes of the minerals floating in the spring water. After extracted they are sold as souvenirs allowing you to recreate Kusatsu Onsen in the privacy of your home. The water then continues to this area and from here continues to the various ryokan in the town.

tsutaya tsutayaonsen
Tsutaya Ryokan in Kusatsu

This is the room at Tsutaya Ryokan in Kusatsu. The ryokan or Japanese Inn like all other in town using the natural springs as the source for the bath inside the ryokan.

yumomi ceremony

This onsen is not used by people. However, this ceremony called yumomi is performed to cool the hot water from the springs for the gods. The women sing and dance and then performed the yumomi.

Shiranesan caldera.

A caldera is a lake or pond formed at the top of a sealed volcano.